• 主演:莉奥诺拉·法妮,吕克·米朗德,弗朗西斯科·拉瓦尔,Jole,Fierro
  • 导演:弗朗切斯科·博里尼
三分钟视频免费 Another brilliant giallo thriller from director Francesco Barilli, whose THE PERFUME OF THE LADY IN BLACK was one of the genres most haunting and original films. This Italian-Spanish foll钟ow-up is a bit muddled, but no less engrossing.Set in a family hotel in Northern Italy in 1945, the film concerns Rosa (Leonora Fani), who helps her mother run the hotel while awaiting her soldier fathers return from the front. In a Barilli film, nothing is as it seems, and before lo免费ng Mom (who is sleeping with a traitor shes hidden in th钟e attic) is murdered. Then poo视频r Rosa is raped by two of the guests, who also are murdered, and while shes hiding the bodies she is forced into an orgy by all of the other guests. But before the guests get to far a mysterious man enters all shots the guests. Who is this mysterious man and w三分hat are 三分his intentions for Rosa?Like all the best gialli, Pensione Paura completely dispenses with logic early on, elevating weirdness to nearly operatic level三分s while absorbing the viewer in a thick and spellbinding atmosphere of mounting dread. Francisco Rabal co-stars with Luc Merenda, Lidia Biondi, and Jose Maria Prada.